Hi All -

I am in the process of building a tritoon. I have a set of Harris brand tritoons.....including a full length center toon with integrated transom. I am going to install a 40 gallon Moeller plastic fuel tank in the transom. The 40 gallon tank is meant to fit the transom and fits like a glove. My concern/question is this....all of the new Harris boats that I look at online have a gray plastic tank in the transom....I can only find the off white/ yellow tanks from Moeller suppliers. I know the yellow tanks are meant for "below deck" for UV reasons I assume. If I install one of these tanks and the last 4-6" of tank is exposed in the transom, is this an issue? I would imagine the OEM tanks are gray because they are rated for UV exposure? I suppose I could cover/bend a piece of aluminum to keep sunlight off the tank but don't want to if its not needed. Any help or insight is appreciated.