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Thread: Adding forward Pontoon Bimini

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    Default Adding forward Pontoon Bimini

    I am in the process of either replacing bimini that came with my Sylvan 8522 F&C or trying to adapt forward one that i could purchase on the market place for a decent price. Yes providing the dimensions work its from a 21 Bennington , do you have to zip bimini together? Seems like you would have to because of rain pouring in and i am sure some other things that i am missing.
    Any thoughts on this or should I bit the bullet.
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    You will need to zip them together if rain proofing is important. I would get ones that are matched with each other.

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    Kind of what i have been thinking

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    Have your local canvas guy do it . they know what works the best with your style as to rod holder, seating and gates
    Custom it.... do it the way you use it.
    Have fun.
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    Hey hoejef:

    Send us some pictures - but yes, I would think zipping them together is the best.
    When running at 20+ MPH the wind will get under the rear canvas and cause many issues if
    they are not zipped as one.

    If you go to a canvas guy be sure you have the forward bimini frame worked out and installed.
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    So fast forward I found the same bimini and frame work that is on my boat and decided i would reverse it to marry it to the existing one. I found it on the market place but guy sold it and never took ad down,
    so it off to canvas shop. There is just to many working parts when trying to make it work when buying online or from private party for me anyhow. Its another story if starting from scratch.

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