I have a Kingfisher map of Lake Murray, SC. Depths are indicated by color and contour lines. I understand, in a generic sense, that the contour lines show Feet Above Mean Sea Level. I don't understand how to interpret that in a useful way. Lake Murray was created by flooding a hilly landscape. You can go from deep to shallow very quickly. I just want to avoid messing up my prop. The legend indicates three categories: (1) Darker shaded areas, 360' MSL (0-20'); (2) Middle shaded areas, 340' MSL (20-40'); (3) Light shaded areas, 320' MSL (40' to max depth). Those categories are too broad to be useful. The chart is peppered with numbers that seem to range from around 2 to 285, but they are not referenced in the legend and they do not seem to be depth indicators. If there is a quick explanation of how to interpret depth on this chart in reasonably fine increments, can you share that information?