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Thread: Toon Fest 2021 up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 17.

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    funtooner Guest

    Default Toon Fest 2021 up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 17.

    Yep the 2nd annual toon fest For Pontoons Only.

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    funtooner Guest


    So looking forward to this trip back Home, where it all Started for me with a pontoon.
    Stay toned!!!!

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    funtooner Guest


    Fun, Fun , Fun,

    They get it.
    Attached Thumbnails TF1  Wave of people..jpg   TF2  Caption Morgan and crew......jpg   TF5 Young  But  having Fun Tooning New Generation.jpg   TF4 Check in  2021 Toon Fest  Bennington guy with 400.jpg   We can dance to any Toon. TF 3.jpg  

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    funtooner Guest

    thumbs up

    H P not here for it , But it was around
    Attached Thumbnails TF7 HP not a big deal here tooning is the fun part.jpg   TF8  Just some of the HP here But   Tooning is Tooning they did'nt see this 10 years ago..jpg   Duscussing the difference in style and HP. TF 6.jpg   TF 10 Class has No style when talking of a pontoon  we flot and have Fun..jpg   TF12  Why did'nt we do this type of boating sooner, a perfect day..jpg  

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