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Thread: Reflections , Computer and Performance...Knowledge oh boy.

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    Default Reflections , Computer and Performance...Knowledge oh boy.

    We need a Great laugh at our self now a days ... Lift is way to short once you GET IT.

    Technically speaking way back I had a very hard time on the computers and with Patience for all the darn steps it took to get my point across. ( posting pictures )
    Now point and show.
    The experience.
    Attached Thumbnails Back in the Day  this was High Tech...  a big learning curve  lots of steps had be done to share.jpg   Time and Patience  the Power of the info is still spot on  Flow force with Velocity in the right.jpg   Took for ever and then just then.. you get kicked off and have to re boot and go through the pro.jpg   Discovered the stress form R & D 1997.jpg   New 2021   600 H P   Mercury Marine  No more   Number 7 Motors..jpg  

    Malcolm ( Goofy )
    TAP Fins

    " Keep a fire in your heart and a smile on your face, for you never know when your leaving this place"

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