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Thread: Talon SS4 Prop for VF115 SHO on Sweetwater 2286 SBX

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    Default Talon SS4 Prop for VF115 SHO on Sweetwater 2286 SBX

    I just bought a 2021 2286 sbx with a vmax 115, it came with an aluminum 135/8" x 14". With this prop, 4 people on board, no trim, the rpm was 6400 and climbing. I throttled back @6400 as the max rpm is 6300. Speed was only 26.6 mph (very underwhelming for a tritoon boat), no pull from 4000-6400 rpm. I am doing research for another prop.

    The third tube is a 27" sport tube, all tubes have lifting strakes. I chose the VF115 for my 2021 Sweetwater 2286 SBX for cruising and water-sports activities; since the 150 was heavier and more expensive. After much research, and discussion with my dealer, I purchased a Talon SS4 13.25 X16 prop. This is for cruising/tubing/waterskiing/fuel economy, and handling, we normally cruise around at 10-15 mph. I hope to achieve about 5800-6000 rpm without trim; with trim 6100-6300rpm, and 30-34 mph. with 2 people and 3/4 fuel on board. The prop is on back order through the middle of April (from PartsVu), will post after water test. Generally speaking, the diameter of a four-blade prop is smaller than that of a three-blade prop with the same pitch. A smaller diameter prop helps a four-blade spin up quickly and allows the motor to rev as high as it would with a three-blade of comparable pitch (theoretically).

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    Welcome Kapili
    Looking forward to hearing about this..Your key word was " theoretically"

    Happy tooning Glad to have you hear.
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