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Thread: Beach anchoring method

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    Default Beach anchoring method

    What do y'all do for beach anchoring? We will be renting a summer cabin for a week on the lake. The owners have a dock with slips next door that we more than likely won't be able to use since they have a boat rental business. I can let my anchor rode out off the rental's narrow beach, and then come close to shore and tie the stern to a screw-in beach anchor. But I'm concerned about the rode being out where possibly inexperienced boat renters might run over the line. I'm thinking interfering with their boaters by 'restricting' too much of an area where my rode is might not go over so well.

    I'm really not wanting to run the boat aground and tie it off to the beach anchor but that may be the best solution.
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    What about a 5 gallon bucket with a bag of quikcrete in it, dropped on the bottom, and tied to a jug for a mooring ball. Snap into the mooring ball in the stern and tie off to the bank in the bow? Will you have to deal with tides? current? wind? If it is a quiet protected area that would work.

    I would check with the cabin owner, ask him which slip I should use, rentals aren't cheap, and you should expect some special treatment. They have dealt with the issue many times I'm sure, make them spell it out to you, maybe you do get a slip.

    Congrats on the new boat, enjoy.
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    The OPs first post would work....IF...instead of a long twisted-rope anchor rode.... a 30-50 ft rode of 3/8” chain.... which would not only securely anchor your boat but would lie on the bottom and not interfere with your neighbors’ used of the inlet. You might attach it to an anchor buoy close to where you want your bow to remain. Hope this makes sense.
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