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Thread: New again to baitcasting

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    Default New again to baitcasting

    I bought a Kastking baitcaster initially to use for a trolling set up. But I like it so much that it's going to get regular use. I have a 30# mono backer, 30# braided line, and about 6' of 12# flouro leader. I'm able to cast it generally well enough if I concentrate, but my mag brakes have to be set to almost max for lighter lures. How do I get that initial setting down in the middle so I have room up or down to adjust for wind/lure weight? I'm guessing I need to play with the tension setting.
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    Go to lighter line to let you throw lighter baits. I throw 5 inch Redfins and #18 Rapala's for Stripers with Abu 5500s with 12 or 15 piound Stren, or P-Line mono. I can throw them a mile as long as I can see the bait and slow it down on landing with my thumb. As soon as it gets dark, I have to crank the brake down r go to a spincast rod.

    My friend told me to think of the line like it was a rope, and you have to have enough weight to get the rope off the reel, or it will pile up on the reel.

    A 10 pound Striper, in the dark, is quite an experience on 12 pound mono, on bass gear.
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