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Thread: Sun Tracker Trailers

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    Question Sun Tracker Trailers

    Does anyone know if the Sun Tracker trailers are any good?
    I've been told to make sure that the trailer has support for all 3 pontoons.
    I was told that some manufacturers save money by only supporting the outer two tubes.

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    Hey Dave:
    I have a relative who is the sales manager of a well know Missouri trailer manufacturer and their line
    consists of many types of PWC and boat trailers. Specifically you can buy a trailer for twin tube
    pontoons or a trailer for tri-toons.

    The first one has bunks for the the outer logs and the tri-toon trailer has bunks for the
    outer two plus the center log. Yes you should support the center log.

    So the real answer is, Don't blame the trailer manufacturer; blame the dealer or boat manufacturer
    who would provide the incorrect trailer for the 3 'toon boat just to keep the price down a bit.

    If SunTracker is providing a package unit, i.e. boat, engine, trailer etc. to their dealer then I'd look for
    a package that includes the proper trailer for a tri-toon boat.

    If a dealer has spec'd out the tri-toon boat with a 2 log support trailer I'd negotiate a proper package
    especially if you plan to trailer frequently to various boating locations. Even the winter storage of a 3 log boat
    on the wrong trailer can be bad on the deck and support for that boat.

    Enjoy, but be informed - in this day of high demand and elevated prices look for the equipment that will
    make your purchase trouble free and protect your investment. Try to go for the max rate engine
    for your boat - check the NMMA plate to see what HP it is certified for and look to other boat owners.
    Captain Tony
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    The original trailer which came with my Sun Tracker in 1994 was a very good & solid trailer. Unfortunately it was stolen 5 years back. Tracker did not sell trailers for my boat then, nor would they provide me with the specs so I could have another one made. (This is yet another reason why I'll never own another Tracker product. The company really sucks as far as customer service after the sale goes, IMO.) I see they are making them again now, though I can't vouch for their quality.

    Since Sun Tracker no longer msde their own trailers, much less one for my model, they referred me to Mid-America in Lebanon, MO which made trailers for my model boat. It was very reasonably priced. The reason it was cheap was because the trailer was/is sub-standard (you'd think it was the first trailer they ever made). I would definitely not buy a trailer from them again.

    I would definitely get a trailer which had a bunk for the center log though.
    1994 Tracker Party Cruiser
    115 hp Merc, 2 stroke

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    My tritoon trailer was made by Magnum in Austin. Magnum is a trailer mfr’r who makes a wide variety of trailers and will also make a trailer “on-order”.
    Here’s a link that shows one of their traditional pontoon trailers. ( Although mine has bunks also for the center tube.). The trailer has a durable (powder coated?) black finish that resists rusting/chipping. It has dual axles with hydraulic self-adjusting surge-brakes, L.E.D. lights, and the bunks are rot-resistant/covered with durable plastic sheaths instead of carpet. It has tie-down loops welded on the frames, and a high quality ball-hitch. Hope this helps.

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