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Thread: Logic, on TAP Fins

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    yep look at what works and the fake works!!!
    like the news.
    Glad to see your on it. They have stepped strakes on inside.
    Malcolm ( Goofy )
    TAP Fins
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    Malcolm, I’d like to know the “who, what, where, and how-much?” answers to the TAP fins. For example, for a NON-TAP-FIN equipped boat... Who makes the installation? Where do they make that installation. And how much does it typically cost?

    While I’m not especially interested in the usual installation, I have become disenchanted with another aspect of my boat’s performance. Two photos which you or your company have posted illustrate my issue.... that of wake-turbulence. When I pull toobers or skiers the wake of my Tri-toon (2.75 actually) places the towed guests almost “awash” in spray from my transom-mount “V”. My SouthBay 522FCR has a 3/4-length center “toon” and behind that is the combination transom-mount/fuel-tank “bay” which is triangular-shaped. The sharp bow of that thing creates quite a high and turbulent spray ... and I’d prefer a smoother wake than that.

    I was thinking of adding something like your TAP-Fins to the sides of that fuel-tank/transom-mount bay... when I came across this picture at your website. I also see a promotional photo of one of your installations of a boat that has a similar wake-spray pattern, and I wonder two things:
    1- Can you supply, and can I install at reasonable cost fins such as that depicted on the transom-bay in the first picture?
    2-Does the boat in the second picture have those fins on it’s transom-bay?
    3-How much would only those fins for the transom cost? And can you ship them for installation or do you require me to bring my boat to you?

    Thank you.
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