• Pole-Less Self Draining Pontoon Cover Wins Innovation Award

    The patent pending Pole-Less Self Draining Pontoon Cover features an integrated gutter system in the center of the boat cover, channeling rain and excess water to gather in the center and exit through the back of the boat.

  • Mistakes to avoid when winterizing

    For boat owners in colder climates, autumn brings the inevitable need to prepare for winter temperatures. But there are several things boat owners must keep in mind when it comes to winterizing.

  • Guess What? Boating Is Actually Good for You

    Are you in need of a weekend boating trip but feel like you are too busy? Get ready to pack your bags and cash in those sick, vacation and emotional wellness days: science is here to save the day.

  • JC TriToon Marine SportToon 26 TT

    With so many added touches and unique features it was hard (if not impossible) to include everything available on this SportToon. It’s well-designed as well as versatile to appeal to a wide variety of users.

  • RBFF Celebrates Platinum Anniversary

    The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) recently celebrated 20 years of recruiting, retaining and reactivating (R3) anglers and boaters through its marketing campaigns, partnerships, grants and more.

  • Funds For Their Projects

    Evinrude, a global manufacturer of marine engines headquartered in Sturtevant, Wis., named this week the 2018-2019 Evinrude Water Research Excellence Fellows.

  • Fishing With Ghosts

    Halloween can’t be beat for tales of the spooky, scary and just plain weird and there are no better ghost stories than ones that involve boats.


  • NMMA Certification Explained

    NMMA's Robert Newsome discusses how NMMA Certification goes above and beyond standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Multimedia

    Meet This Enchanting 2018 Crest Model

    Fun colors, classic amenities, what's not to love about Crest's 2018 Calypso?

  • Mercury Introduces New V8 Vid

    New teaser video from Mercury Marine released

  • Life Of A Hook

    Behind the scenes with VMC

  • The Next Big Thing For Pontoon Ladders

    Dan Kincaid from northern Indiana has developed a system that, when attached to a rear-entry ladder, will raise and lower the bottom half with a simple press of a button.

  • Mercury Recaps Miami

    Mercury Marine has released a video of the introduction of and reaction to its new 3.4-liter V6 outboard and two other engines at the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show.

  • Boat Loan Basics

    The experts at have shared their insights on the ins and outs of boat loans—explaining the basic steps needed to finance a boat purchase.

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    Get A Peek At Manitou’s 2018 Lineup

    With floorplan changes, fresh colors, and a completely new dual engine platform coming soon, next year is turning out to be fantastic already.

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    Hook The Holiday Season’s Hottest Gifts

    An easy way to spread holiday cheer to the anglers on your list is with the latest and greatest from Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands.