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May 29, 2017
Boat Test Monday

Sanpan 2500 SR

Happy Memorial Day! Get out on the water!
May 26, 2017

An All-Inclusive Command Center

If you take recreational boating seriously and genuinely want more entertainment, then you will love the new Rockford Fosgate PMX-3 compact digital media receiver.
May 25, 2017
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BoatUS Foundation Makes It Easy to Start Your Own Local Life Jacket Loaner Site

Discounted jackets, free signage, how-to guide
May 24, 2017

Personal fan with variable speeds: PDB TESTED No. 216

The best part is it’s designed to fit in most OEM boat cup holders! Brilliant!
May 23, 2017

Easy Gelcoat Repair

Many of us are well aware of how painful it is to repair gelcoat, as fiberglass does not absorb wear well at all.
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