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Engine manufacturer launches new outboards

Published online: May 17, 2007 News
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Yamaha Marine Group launched a series of high-performance, direct-injection outboards, the V MAX Series 2. The Series 2 line-up includes 200- to 300-hp models and now features a Yamaha three-year limited warranty.

"Since 2003, Yamaha has set a standard for high-performance two-stroke outboard engines with its V MAX 3.3-liter HPDIs. Now we are adding even more reliability to these engines, and we are backing it up with a three-year limited warranty," Phil Dyskow, Yamaha Marine Group president, said in a statement. "The V MAX Series 2 is more than just a running change - it's a new statement of more reliable performance."

The V MAX Series 2 is based on the 3.3-liter 76-degree V6 block, and equipped with second-generation, 1000-psi high-pressure direct injection.

There are a number of new components and systems designed to enhance reliability and durability. The shape of the V MAX Series 2 pistons has been redesigned to optimize contact with the cylinder sleeve. The fuel map for each horsepower of V MAX Series 2 engine has been reprogrammed to help reduce combustion and exhaust temperatures.

Also, the oil injection schedule has been recalibrated to provide a more precise amount of oil for any given engine setting, based on engine speed and load, said the company. These improvements complement a number of existing technologies employed for rugged reliability.

Yamaha plans to begin deliveries to boatbuilders and dealer partners by the summer. 

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