MRAA convention attendees get motivated

November 2007 News

"I hope the dealers walk away with useful educational tools they can use for their business and I hope they're able to interface with other dealers across the country and gain insight," said Phil Keeter, president of the MRAA. 

The attendees learned, for example, that conflict has a bad rap. In reality, however, when approached diplomatically and effectively conflict can help managers and employees sit at the table, voice their concerns and iron out their difficulties. 

Jep Enck of Enck Resources in Fort Collins, Colo., noted that 94 percent of the problems faced in business today are communication problems. 

He suggested managers and employees set up an appointment to talk privately, give themselves enough time and to use timidity during the discussion. A person's tone and body language can either benefit or destroy the conversation. 

The person feeling aggrieved can start out the conversation by saying (fill in the blanks) "I feel__________when you _________ because I think _________. What I'd prefer is ____________."

Sam Silverstein, president of Sam Silverstein Enterprises in St. Louis, said most people fail in their personal lives and in their businesses because they do not take the time to think and plan. 

He also encouraged the attendees to do the right things, consistently. He asked one question meant to provoke thought among those present: "What is your strategic culture and where do you want to be?"

It's crucial for business owners to always include the "what, who and how" into their business model. They need to ask two key questions, "What is the value I deliver?" and "Who am I selling to?" 

The most important step to achieving success is not to accept any excuses, Silverstein said. People don't like when politicians consistently rely on their spin doctors and make excuses to justify their actions. Similarly, business owners and employees should remember that lesson when they're tempted to make excuses for their inappropriate actions. 

Silverstein is the author of several books and e-books, including "The Greatest Secret to Business Success, Creating and Communicating a Memorable Marketing Message."

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