Boat sales plunge, but decline may be overstated

Published online: Jan 18, 2008 News

These declines may be overstated because of data entry delays at the Coast Guard for the month of November, according to Statistical Surveys. This report is based on 24 states, or 54 percent of the U.S. market. States included, among others, are California, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.
Sales of fiberglass boats, 14 to 30 feet, fell 20.3 percent in the month. A dramatic drop in sales for the state of Florida, which were down 20.3 percent and accounted for one-third of the boats sold in these 21 states, was a factor in the dramatic decline. For the 12-month rolling timeline, sales showed a 10-percent drop.
"November only represents 2 to 3 percent of the total annual registrations depending upon the market," said Aaron Rosen of Statistical Surveys, in a statement. "Combined with the delays from the Coast Guard Documented Vessels file in November, I wouldn't dramatically change my current sales strategies based upon this month's results."