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VMC Dominator Series Jigs

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 09, 2009
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The VMC Dominator Series integrates modern angling technology with premium hooks to provide every angler a jig for any circumstance.

VMC Dominator Series Jigs come in two hook versions: a heavier hook made with Vanadium steel for bass and larger species and a light wire VMC Power Gap hook, which offers a larger hook gap for maximum exposure. The Power Gap is the accentuated distance between the beginning and end of the hook's curve. It is five percent wider than traditional jig hooks, inducing a more efficient hooking rate because of its maximum point exposure.

When bouncing along the bottom, many jigs tend to get caught on structure. VMC Dominator Series Jigs minimize that impasse with the groundbreaking 60-degree jig rotated eye, giving the angler greater control and fewer snags.

The Dominator Metal Head Jigs come in colors associated with walleye fishing. The round head and Power Gap hook excel with plastic grubs, minnows and shad bodies. The 3-D holographic eye brings lifelike action to the jig. Dominator Metal Head Jigs come four per pack in sizes 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8. Dominator Metal Head Jig Kits are also available with assorted colors and a variety of sizes in a resealable 12-pack.

Suggested retail price: $4.49. For more information visit: www.vmchooks.com

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