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RAVE Sports creates the first inflatable pontoon slide

Published in the July 2009 Issue Published online: Jul 05, 2009
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For the first time, an affordable slide is within reach for every pontoon boating family thanks to the RAVE Pontoon Slide. With its patent-pending design, the inflatable delivers hours of sliding fun for the whole family and can be used while the pontoon boat is moored at a dock or anchored in a cove.

Constructed of UV-protected, reinforced PVC fabric, the Pontoon Slide is far more durable than other lightweight water toys, and it is easy to set up. It comes with the RAVE 12-volt high pressure pump, so the slide can be inflated or deflated in less than five minutes. Users simply lay the slide over the side of the pontoon boat at the point of the closed entry gate, then inflate and secure it into place by using the attached webbing straps and buckles for security and stability.

The slide's design includes molded foot holds to reach the top, plus two molded handles for added confidence. At the top of the slide, which is about five and a half feet off the water, two long inflated chambers provide centering control for users as they zip down a nearly nine-foot slope before a refreshing plunge into the water.

According to Norm Mears, president of RAVE Sports, "Those who have used the Pontoon Slide describe it as an important addition to family pontoon boating. Often when adults want to anchor the boat for some food and conversation, the kids get bored. Now they can inflate the Pontoon Slide in minutes to provide some added fun, especially for the kids."

The Pontoon Slide will is available wherever RAVE Sports products are sold and it retails for $499.99. To learn more, visit or call 800-659-0790.

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