Crestliner Grand Cayman 2685 RFL

Published in the August 2009 Issue Published online: Aug 25, 2009
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Grand Cayman pontoons by Crestliner balance comfort with style, and spaciousness with elegance. New for 2009 is an ultra-comfortable, rear-facing double lounge, featured on the Grand Cayman 2685 and 2485 stern drive and 2585 and 2785 outboard three pontoon models.

Crestliner's roomy, oversized double lounge creates an experience in plush and relaxing comfort aboard the Grand Cayman. The rear-facing design makes it perfect for sun tanning, reading, or relaxing while touring the lake. Its large size can accommodate two to three people and the unique lounge design includes built-in stereo speakers with remote, built in changing room and many unique storage compartments.

The Grand Cayman features the industry's largest tubes at 27 inches, which keep the deck higher, handling bigger waves and improving stability. Underdeck splashguards add to the smooth, stable ride. The highly styled, painted tubes are also outfitted with unique top-mount air ventilation. Full-length saddle brackets are used to connect the tubes and decking, delivering unmatched strength and a smoother, dryer ride than competitive pontoons.

All Crestliner pontoons are backed with the lifetime Plus 3 exclusive warranty.


Length: 25 feet, 6 inches

Deck Width: 8 feet, 6 inches

Pontoon Diameter: 27 inches

Weight: 3,719 lbs

Maximum Passenger Capacity: 14

Maximum Weight Capacity: 2,000 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons

Phone: 320-632-6686


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