Where's The Paddle?

Published in the August 2009 Issue August 2009

When you see someone elegantly holding a paddle on their lap, you might want to question why it's there. But of course if you're hunting for the hidden paddle you have your answer. We hid it on page 34 in our July issue.

Hidden within the pages of our August issue is that same paddle. Find it and drop us a note with its location to paddle@pdbmagazine.com. The first few to locate the paddle will have their names and city published in an upcoming issue of PDB. Good luck!

Congratulations to these readers who were first to report the location of the paddle in our July issue:

Bill Martine - Riverside, Ca.

Bill Carpenter - Boise, Id.

John Messing - Warren, Mi.

Chris Towley - Ely, Mn.

Johnny Johnson - Flagstaff, Az.

Janine Peterson - River Falls, Wi.

Rick Rubas - Oak Lawn, Il.

Norma Johnson - Howell, Mi.

Norman Tweed - Littleton, Nc.

Jim Van Valin - Beverly Hills, Fl.

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