Classic autos and pontoon boats

May 2010 News

This is a story "pegged" to Memorial Day, as people in the newspaper business would say, because it relates to outdoor recreation. But it could also be an advance piece for Father's Day because, when you interview a craftsman and his dad is there helping out, and their bond is obvious, a story has to include the ties that bind us to things other than the marketplace.

A garage trio: Dean Morgan makes custom interiors for boats and cars. He's the owner of Classic Auto and Trim, a business that operates mostly out of his home on Heather Way but often travels in a Ford box truck to wherever the job might be.

A recent weekday found son and father together in the garage, with the door open wide to let the May breezes in. A "guard dog" named Oreo lounged nearby, neglecting her duties.

Two men and a boat: Dean was measuring, marking and sewing a custom cover for a 20-foot pontoon, or "float boat," that was docked in his driveway. His father, Letcher Morgan, was keeping him company and helping him maneuver the large piece of canvas. "That's one thing I've never understood about boats - they go in the water and get wet but, when they're out of the water, nobody wants 'em wet," Dean jokes.

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