Man sells snow cones from 'toon on Lake Guntersville - Video

July 2011 News

It's probably one of the most unusual boats you'll see on Lake Guntersville, a man selling snow cones from his pontoon boat.

When Doug Gibbs has 32 different flavors and only uses shaved ice.

Gibbs said he enjoys seeing the smiles on kids faces when they get one.

He said says one of his best customers is Alabama Supreme Court Justice Liles Burke who always seems to track him down on the lake no matter where he is.

Gibbs said he always enjoys the comments people make about his snow cone boat.

"Most of the comments we get are, wow we've never seen this before, what a wonderful idea, ya'll are the smartest people in the world, and can we be your employees," said Gibbs, snow cone man.

You can find out more on Gibb's snow cone business by clicking on his facebook page.