Pontoon submarine boat

Published online: Aug 05, 2011 News www.boatingworld.com
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I have seen some cool things in the past, as I am sure most people have, but this is just one of those ideas that begs the question ... Why didn't I think of that?

The idea is actually quite ingenious. Those pontoon like things the two people are standing on are exactly that, pontoons. This is like a half boat, half submarine unit. The pontoons stay afloat on the water, while the driver is below the water in that glass enclosed structure. Talk about an amazing view.

This semi-submarine was debuted at the Miami International Boat Show, and word is that is stole the show. Its not hard to imagine, judging by the pictures. There is no word yet on its resale plans, but I get the idea that this will be a hot item with those that can afford it. 

Of course, then there's the question of intelligence ... If this item isn't smart enough to avoid underwater obstacles, its shelf life will not be too high considering the spoiled rich kids that will likely be first to play.


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