Product Test No.97: Diversi-Tech

Published in the August 2011 Issue August 2011

I've never had a hitch stolen off my truck, but that's only because I'm paranoid and I keep the receiver under my seat when I'm not towing. Yeah it's sad that it has to be this way, but it's not worth the risk of losing it. And I feel for the guy driving down the road with an adjustable-height hitch that obviously has a locking pin for the receiver, yet he still has to keep the actual ball mount under his seat so it doesn't walk away.

I tow a lot with this job and this summer I just got fed up and decided to do it right and invest in a hitch that I can leave on my truck. But I didn't want just a good locking hitch; I wanted the best one I could find. Turns out Diversi-Tech knows a thing or two about quality hitches.

If you watch the video on their website you'll be hooked like I was and after that you just need to figure out which model will work best for you. The list of available hitches is long, but after some consideration I went with the DT-ALBM6400. It's a 4-inch drop, adjustable dual locking double ball hitch with a polished 2-inch ball on one side and a 2 and 5/16-inch ball on the other. It's a beefy 16.5 pounds, but it's the locking system for both the hitch and the adjustable ball that sold me. With a simple turn of a key, the hitch is locked and good to go.

It allows you to adjust quickly with superior theft protection, plus it's water-resistant and mechanically corrosion-resistant, thanks to the all-new double-sealed lock cylinder design. Simply put, I can keep it on my truck year-around. On top of that, Diversi-Tech uses an anti-rattle system that reduces noise and hitch wear.

This hitch is the real deal and I'm confident that I can leave it on my truck when I'm not towing. The suggested retail price is $249.99, which may scare a few boaters off, but don't let it. Made with the highest quality aircraft-grade billet aluminum and stainless steel components, invest the money once and you'll never have to worry about it again. On the Diversi-Tech website you can search for a list of distributors and the list is long for both the U.S. and Canada. I use my hitch on a regular basis and I love that I can leave it in when I'm not towing and because of the polished aluminum, I don't mind showing it off either.


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