Add a Trolling Motor

Pow'r Tran Toon Kicker Easy to Install

Published in the September 2011 Issue Published online: Sep 07, 2011 Ask The Expert

The new Toon Kicker from Pow'rTran, manufacturer of products designed to improve the performance of outboard motors, makes it easy to add an auxiliary outboard motor for trolling to the stern of most any new or used pontoon boat.

A patent-pending variable plate and strong swing arm system allows the Toon Kicker bracket to be installed with a few common tools on struts, sideboards, wings, decks or combination of locations. Dozens of combinations are available to create a good-looking, solid, strong platform for a small two- or four-stroke outboard motor weighing up to 120 pounds.

Made from high-grade, powder-coated aluminum for long lasting good looks, Toon Kicker will accept any currently available conventional lifting motor bracket from virtually any manufacturer, including Pow'rTran, Garelick, Marine Tech and Panther. It is available with a 24-inch standard cross brace assembly for a good-looking, solid installation on your boat. MSRP is US $289. Larger size braces are available by special order.

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