Party On The Water

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Party on the water

The Nautic Global Group is known worldwide as being dedicated to the pontoon and deck boat markets by constantly raising the bar about what true comfort and performance on the water can mean. From Hurricane to Parti Kraft, from Aqua Patio to Sweetwater and Sanpan, everyone who has owned one of these boats knows about the craftsmanship and style each model line exhibits, with their own individual strengths.

"Nautic Global Group is the fourth-largest boat manufacturer in the country, and the second-largest manufacturer of pontoons and deck boats," says Steve Tadd, marketing director for NGG. "Godfrey brought one of the first-ever pontoon boats (a Sanpan) to Parti Kraftthe World's Fair in Chicago in 1958, and has been a leader in the industry ever since. In fact, Hurricane builds more deck boats than everyone else in the industry combined, according to the latest market share numbers."

Raising The Bar

One of the most popular features of Nautic Global Group boats is the bar concept introduced on its Parti Kraft pontoons in 2009. At first, the idea seemed strange to some people, but the reaction of boaters and dealers at boat shows everywhere that year confirmed that it was a feature destined for fame.

"It just seemed to fit, to let the boat live up to its name," Tadd said.

In fact, the bar became so popular that the company got request after request that they put it on the other boat lines, as well. NGG was only too glad to oblige, and now, the bar is available on every pontoon model they build. In addition, every pontoon can be customized with additional coolers, grills, sinks, blenders, wine storage, vinyl or teak floors and more, all designed to give you that party atmosphere on the water.

A Defining Characteristic

"The bar seating makes up a bigger and bigger part of our business, and is most popular on our Aqua Patio line," Tadd said. Along the same lines as with the Parti Kraft `toon, this seating arrangement lets the Aqua Patio live up to its name as well by providing the means and seating to really enjoy a pontoon boat in a similar way as you would your backyard patio.

Like the beloved TV tune goes, it is the perfect arrangement for socializing with friends and family, where everybody truly knows your name.

This is also a popular choice for people with younger kids because they will love sitting at the bar and mom will appreciate the seating area and the teak flooring option, which is a lot easier for cleaning up messes than carpet. The way the cup holders are built into the top means juice spill events go way, way down.

Make It Your Own

As mentioned previously, these bars can be customized with additional coolers, various grill options, sinks, blenders, wine storage, etc.; the options seem to go on forever. NGG also offers different finish levels to appeal to different budgets.

Lest you believe the bar is only for partiers and families, the seats are actually perfectly placed for fishing, too, making the configuration a huge hit with hardcore anglers devoted to catching the big one next Saturday morning.

For the safety-minded (and really, shouldn't that be everyone?), the bar seats are Coast Guard rated to be acceptable seating while underway. And wine drinkers love the fact that the bar offers the now-famous special wine glass holders that fit right into the cup holders. These may be seen as a novelty, but they are very popular, and work hard to keep the boat spill-free.

A Look To The Future

"The whole pontoon boat industry has really raised the bar (no pun intended) with product, and especially Godfrey Pontoons," Tadd said. "We are very excited about the brand-new finishes on our Sanpan line this year, which will include a total makeover (you're going to love this boat) and some new bells and whistles on the bar seating packages such as stainless steel drawers for storage, and other refinements."

To an outside observer, it may seem like the furniture options on these crafts just keep getting nicer and nicer in all of the lines, and that has been a major focus area for 2012 models in Sweetwater, Parti Kraft, Aqua Patio and Sanpan. NGG is absolutely pleased with the way the new styling is turning out, and so are the members of their Owners Club who helped develop these refinements. It's a very exciting time to be following the pontoon and deck boat industry, and NGG is a big name at the forefront.

"We can't wait to show them off at the PDB Shootout later this year!" Tadd said.

Nautic Global Group builds Sweetwater, Aqua Patio, Sanpan and Parti Kraft pontoon boats as well as Hurricane deck boats. They are fully committed to these segments of the boating industry. You can learn more about any of these boats at or by calling 574-522-8381.

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