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Sierra eGuardSierra, a leading provider of engine and drive parts for the marine industry, has introduced new Sierra eGuard-a specially formulated fuel additive designed for all types and sizes of gas engines.

Owners of boats powered by two-stroke outboards, four-stroke outboards and inboard gas engines can improve performance and protect their boat's powerplant and fuel system by adding a little eGuard when they fill up.

Sierra eGuard is a multi-function additive specially formulated to solve the variety of problems caused by today's ethanol-blended fuels. It can be used effectively with blends from E5 all the way to E85. Sierra eGuard prevents the formation of gum deposits that can clog fuel injectors and carburetors. It even removes existing gum and carbon buildup by breaking these deposits apart so they can be burned off with the fuel.

Sierra eGuard also addresses a common issue with ethanol-blended fuel in the marine environment by greatly reducing the possibility of phase separation, or the attraction of water particles to the ethanol in fuel. Sierra eGuard disperses water throughout the fuel in small particles, allowing it to be vaporized in the combustion chamber. By significantly enhancing the combustibility of fuel so it burns more completely, Sierra eGuard improves engine power, performance and fuel economy while reducing carbon deposits. The result is an engine that starts easily, runs smoothly and requires less maintenance.

Sierra eGuard also keeps ethanol-blended fuel fresh for up to one year, making it ideal for stored fuel or for use in boats that are placed into long-term seasonal storage. It will even improve the octane of old, stale fuel.

One ounce of Sierra eGuard treats 10 gallons of gasoline, making it both practical and economical. Sierra eGuard is also compatible with all other fuel additives and is available in 32- and 8-fluid-ounce bottles.

For more information on new Sierra eGuard, or the company's extensive line of engine and drive parts, steering/control systems, instruments, hoses and other quality products under the Teleflex Marine banner, call 217-324-9400 or visit

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