Engine Flushing

As simple as connecting a garden hose

Published in the October 2011 Issue Published online: Oct 09, 2011 Product
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Whether flushing an inboard engine to winterize, for regular maintenance or when moving between bodies of water, the process is now simple. There's no need to crawl under the boat, open the engine hatch, custom-rig connections or turn valves on and off. Perko's FlushProtm is a convenient solution.

Available for hose sizes 5/8-inch, 1-inch or 1-1/4-inch, FlushPro makes freshwater flushing as easy as connecting to a garden hose. A supplied adapter makes boat winterizing a snap. The unit's transparent body allows visual monitoring of water flow. Flush Pro's durable check valve system is activated by water pressure from the hose and automatically shuts off hull intake when pressure is applied.

Made of heavy-duty polymer with a stainless steel spring, Flush Pro is available in two models. The Fig. 0546 is the FlushPro valve itself, while the Fig. 0457 FlushPro Kit contains the check valve with hose clamps, the Perko water inlet fitting and a 7-foot length of hose and fittings. The system also works for flushing onboard generators or air conditioning units.

The suggested retail price of FlushPro from Perko is approximately $110. The kit costs $190.

For more information call 305-621-7525 or visit www.perko.com.

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