Letter: Keep Nepco Lake boat landing open

January 2012 News

I have used the County Trunk Z boat landing, summer and winter, for over 40 years. My grandfather started taking me there when I was about 6 years old. Now, because of the greed of the Pavloski brothers, this enjoyment has been taken away from me and many others of this community. The brothers are treated by some as great pillars of the community. How could they be so cold-hearted to do something like this to a community they grew up in? They stated in this paper that the only people affected by the closing are the ice fishermen. This is far from the truth. Larger boats and pontoon boats will no longer be able to use the west side of the lake, as larger boats will not pass under the bridge. There are not enough activities in this community for the youth and the father of these two brothers who was a principal at one of our local schools should know this more than anyone. Now his sons have made it more difficult for this activity (ice fishing).

Wood County (had interest in purchasing) this land from Domtar and now also from the Pavloskis. The county was never given an opportunity.

Why did Domtar not sell to Wood County, but rather to a private party? It seems as though maybe Domtar doesn't care about this community as much as they say.

Lance Pliml stated that there were meetings with the Pavloski brothers. The public should have been made aware of these meetings and given the opportunity to have some input. This makes people wonder if there's more to the story than is being told. Maybe the lake name should be changed from Nepco Lake to Lake Pavloski, as they seem to be in control.

Money and greed seem to have made the Pavloski brothers forget where they came from.

Randy Smith



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