Scope Seating offers 5-8 warranty

Published online: May 29, 2012 News

Scope Seating Technologies has been in the seating business since 1922, and building premier marine seating for more than 30 years. Its team of innovative designers and experienced upholsterers create quality furniture featuring style, durability and value.  Scope seating can be found on recreational and sport boats, to some of the most prestigious yachts in the ocean.  From the E-Coated frame, to biocide coating that kills bacteria and fungus, you know that quality is its highest priority.

Scope has been assembled a team of people to focus on efficiencies and quality in production. This step has resulted in a warranty that no other seating manufacturer can compete with. Scope Seating Technologies introduces the 5-8 Limited Warranty. Upholstery, foam and moving parts will feature a full five-year warranty, and metal frames will carry a full eight-year warranty.

Its 5-8 Limited Warranty is accomplished through its diversity that spans multiple fields in seating. Scope Seating Technologies supplies a multitude of applications from boating, RV, medical, bariatric centers, medical specialists offices, call centers, 911 centers, police departments, airport control towers, NASA and even local marinas in your neighborhood. What this means for Scope customers is in the long run, you'll have a higher-quality product that won't need to be replaced for a long time.

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