The Ultimate Bait Box

Published in the September 2012 Issue September 2012 Ask The Expert
To escape summer's heat, it's nice to bask in the glory of indoor A/C. While in winter, there's nothing like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. It's a little concept we like to call "climate control"- one of life's real luxuries. If comfort makes humans happy, why shouldn't it also do wonders for your bait?

It's one thing to fish with "stinkbait" on purpose. Quite another when you're left with a pile of unsavory, putrid or otherwise rotten bait because the container failed to comfortably house its contents. Bad bait can ruin your day. But good bait-that is to say fresh, lively or happy bait-seduces fish like nothing else on earth.

Available exclusively at, the Keep Kool Bait Cooler is a great way to protect your valuable fish-catching critters.

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