PDB Tested: Glacier Ultra-Light Angler Gloves

January 2013 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

There's not a lot that you can do with gloves on, especially when it comes to fishing. In the past I've found myself yanking off my gloves in frustration each time I needed to tie a simple knot. I've always liked the idea of Glacier Gloves, but never felt like its gloves were specifically designed for what I was looking for.

So when I heard about a new pair of light-weight gloves that were designed specifically for the fishing market, I got curious. During this time of year, weather can be so unpredictable, especially in the northern states. But I tried out the unique cold-weather gloves and I was impressed. Glacier Glove uses highly tactile and flexible new materials to allow that extra feel when you're trying to handle your fishing lines,  yet still offers comfort and protection from the elements.

The gloves features a slit in the index finger and thumb so the angler can uncover them for intricate tasks like tying knots. Besides the stylish look, I liked the thin neoprene back that protected my hands from the wind.

These new gloves come in a range of sizes and various styles, all including an elastic cuff to provide a secure fit. You can probably find these Glacier Gloves in fishing tackle shops or outdoor sports stores throughout the U.S. or you could just go online at www.glacierglove.com to get more information. Suggested retail is around $28 dollars, which really isn't too bad considering the secret to a cool spring fishing trip is keeping your hands warm. Head over to www.glacierglove.com for more info. 
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