PDB Tested: Boat Mister

February 2013 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

The first time I went to Arizona I noticed that the restaurants and shops in downtown Phoenix all had misters outside to keep their patrons cool. I had never seen anything as crazy as this before, yet I wasn't complaining as I refused to get even five feet away from one at any time. Those misters were doing a great job and in my opinion, it's about time that someone figured out a way to hook one up to my bimini top.

Well that someone is Boat Mister and I was impressed by this new system. We don't have the most critical testing scales in the world, but this product earned high marks all the way around. For freshwater boats, drop the pickup line overboard and have a continuous supply of cool mist. It really is that easy.

What I like best about this system is how quick and easy it is, plus it doesn't need to be a permanent fixture on my boat. Just drop the pickup line with weighted 60 mesh screen into the water, plug the one amp pump into your 12-volt outlet and you're on your way to a cooler day. And since the fresh water is first screened for bigger debris, then filtered before it goes into the pump, you know that the pressurized water is clean. 

The $349 kit includes a pump, a 12-volt plug, nozzles, tubing and a long list of everything you'll need to get started. I know there have been plenty of other times that I would have gladly paid more than that to cool off in 110 degree day on the lake. I know it's still early in the season, but come August you'll be wishing you would have taken a second look at this product. 


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