PDB Tested: Cover Stick

March 2013 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

Until someone develops a better way to cover our boats, we're going to have to continue to use snap-on covers with poles in the middle. But when dealing with these poles you need to make sure they're perfectly straight or you could find a collapsed cover when you return. While surfing the Internet one day I came across a simple alternative solution to gambling on if the poles will stay straight.

It's called The Cover Stick and it's as straightforward as its name. It works as a tripod base so you don't have to worry about it ever tipping over. So I ordered one to see how it would compare to what I was already using. Turns out it basically takes up the same amount of room as the poles I've been using, but it's a lot more efficient.

The mooring cover on my boat called for four of these polls and at $28.98 each it added up quickly. But I probably could have got away with only three poles and been okay.

The Cover Stick did what it advertised; it doesn't fall over, stores easily under my seats and the adjustable height ranges from 38 to 63 inches.

It's designed to "lock into" the legacy grommet holes, snap into the current industry standard support pole snap, or fit snuggly into a vent cap making it quite versatile. It's a solid alternative to prevent finding wet carpet in your boat and if you've ever had this problem, The Cover Stick is for you.  


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