Forum Member Spotlight: funtooner

May 2013 Forum Member Spotlight
Funtooner a.k.a Goofy is our new forum member spotlight.

1. What kind of boat do you currently own?
 We own a 2010 Sylvan 8525 (2-log) with a 150 hp E-tec motor.

2. What is your favorite thing about it? It has room for everything. From a group of people to a plenty of room for coolers, a grill, port-o-potty, water skis, tubes, etc.

3. What is your dream boat? I think we've already owned our dream boat. My wife and I purchased a brand new 24 foot Sun Cruiser in 1991. It was fully equipped (based on what was available back then!); from a fold-out bed in the front bench seats, to a full-size grill, and a port-o-potty in the back. We also had custom-made canvas that covered the full length of the boat. It also had side panels that proved full privacy with clear windows and screens that could be zipped down. This allowed us to walk from the front of the boat to the back standing up. We have many fond memories of overnight camping on the rivers and lakes in Wisconsin.

4. Share a fun/exciting boating memory: I have so many memories; it's hard to just mention one! Besides all the camping memories on our 1991 Sun Cruiser, I would have to say one of the most exciting memories was the time we entered a Poker-run on Lake Winnebago. We were the only pontoon boat amongst approximately 50 `go fast' power boats. One of the power boats broke down in the middle of the lake and we ended up towing it back to shore. We then gave the owner of the power boat and his wife a ride on our pontoon back to the staging area of the race. The weather that day was sunny but windy and the lake was rough. (3-4 foot swells). He was so impressed by the handling of our pontoon! In fact, he wrote and letter to the editor of Pontoon & Deck Boat to share his experience. That letter appeared in your Fall1997 issue.

5. What is the must have boating accessory? In my opinion for pontoon boats, it would be the T.A.P. Fin System. As pontoons have become more `performance' driven, they have lacked in their handling and maneuvering abilities. The T.A.P. Fins offer increased stability and lift as well has exceptional handling and maneuverability. They improve the overall ride of the boat and will increase speed and fuel efficiency.

6. How long have you been boating? I've been boating all my life. As a kid growing up, we had a 42 foot paddlewheel built in the 1960's. As an adult, I've owned over 15 boats most of them pontoons. I have certainly seen and witnessed the evolution of them over the years.

7. Where do you typically boat? Since we now live in North Carolina, we primarily boat on Lake Norman. We enjoy visiting our home state of Wisconsin and Lake Winnebago, but always look to explore other areas of the country as well. We have visited Lake Powell, Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Anna, the Chesapeake Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake X in Florida. We have even taken the pontoon across Lake Michigan twice.

8. What part of the country has the best boating? This is a hard question to answer because each area of the country has something different to offer. We obviously enjoy Lake Norman here in North Carolina which is part of why we moved here. Boating year-round is great therapy!
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