PDB Tested: Shark Phone Case

May 2013 PDB Tested

Some products are more practical than others. In the past we've reviewed waterproof cases that got the job done, but over time became too much of a hassle to really use on a regular basis. That's why I like this Shark Pack because I can truly see myself wading around on a sandbar with this pack around my neck. It's a simple design, yet works great.

I honestly just wanted to test it so I could prove that it didn't work, yet found out that it really does allow you to completely use your phone and all of its functions while still in the case. I could easily scroll through apps, check email and even have a conversation while my phone was protected inside. Don't judge, you know you can't escape work when you go boating even when you want to.

You can also inflate the bag so it will float, but as long as I have the standard lanyard I didn't feel this was necessary. The Great White model comes in black or white and retails for $19.99.

The company offers other models that have arm straps if you're looking for a more stylish way to carry your phone. But the Great White remains its best-seller for obvious reasons and it's the one I went with and like.

-Roy Sparks, PDB Magazine

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