PDB Tested: TRIWATER Dock Shoes

Published online: Sep 18, 2013 PDB Tested
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TRIWATER Dock Shoes-Seabago Crest Vent

I've always been a fan of the Sebago line of shoes, probably because when it comes to manufacturing high-quality boating shoes, you can't beat the innovation. My last pair was the SPS Force 8 that I love because of the innovative water drainage system and several other key features that make them ideal for boating. But like all successful companies, Sebago didn't sit back and rest on its accomplishments. Instead, the company released the TRIWATER series, which is a new full line of water performance footwear.

Sebago has been crafting hand-sewn performance boat shoes since 1946 and this could possibly be its best pair to date. I went with the Crest Vent from this line because of the waterproof leather, water drainage system, as well as the slip-resistant and non-marking sole. Plus, I just had to find out what the Energy Return heel pad was all about and exactly what the Blue Wave Vibration Damping Technology would do for my feet.

I won't get into the technical stuff, but I will say that the vibration reduction feature does protect my feet from extensive shock absorption and I almost feel a little guilty for owning a pair of boating shoes that are this comfortable.

Embedded with mesh screens to keep dirt out, drainage channels and ports are built to allow water to escape easily and quickly. This water drainage system continues to be one of my favorite features, but the vibration reduction is an extremely close second now that I've had a chance to try it out. Available in three color choices and retailing for $95, this shoe is worth the extra investment to keep your feet comfy this summer.     

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