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Buying a boat is a big deal. No matter your experience level or budget, you want a boat that is going to fill all of your needs. It can be overwhelming getting started because there are a lot of options available to you. The lucky part is that we have complied a list of boats, all broken down in different categories to help you narrow your search.

Top Fishing Models

Avalon A Fish

Bennington 2575 GFS

Berkshire 231RFC STS Series

Crest II Fish

Cypress Cay Cabana

G3 SunCatcher 20' Fish

Hampton 2285 FX4

Harris FloteBote Sunliner

Hurricane SunDeck Sport 231

Kennedy Pontoon 1700 Super Sport

Landau A'lure 224 Fish

Lowe SF214

Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angler Full Front

Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay 2085FS

Monsoon Cyclone 20

Montego Bay 8516 Fish

PlayCraft Sunfish 2200

Premier Castaway

Princecraft SVX 29 I/O

Princecraft Ventura 220 WS

Qwest Adventure VX Fish

Silver Wave 220 Fish

South Bay 522FCR

Starcraft Starfish

Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX

Sweetwater 2080 BF

Veranda V2275 F4

Xcursion X23RFC


Popular Performance Models

Aqua Patio 240 OB Elite

Aqua Patio 250 Express

Avalon DRL

Bennington 2275 RCW with ESP

Berkshire 250 Sport

Crest 250 Savannah

Cypress Cay Cayman

G3 SunCatcher 22' Tri-log

Hampton 2685

Harris FloteBote Solistce

Hurricane 2400

Kennedy Pontoon 1700 Sundeck

Landau  Signature 2300

Lowe X Series

Manitou 23 X-plode SHP

Misty Harbor Skye 2685SG

Monsoon Storm 22

PlayCraft Xtreme 2700

Premier with PTX Package

Qwest Q3 Triple Tube Package

Silver Wave 230 Play

South Bay 925 Sport Trifecta

Sylvan Mirage RPT

Veranda V2275RFL

Xcursion X23C


Best Entry-Level Craft

Avalon GS

Bennington 20 SL

Berkshire 210 CTS Series

Crest II

Crownline Eclipse

Cypress Cay Seabreeze

G3 SunCatcher 20' Fish & Cruise

Gillgetter Fish N Cruise

Hampton 2285 Elite Series

Harris FloteBote Cruiser

Hurricane SunDeck Sport 188

Kennedy Pontoon 1700 Super Sport

Landau Island Breeze 232 Cruise

Leisure by Premier - SunSpree

Lowe SS190

Manitou 22 Aurora VP

Misty Harbor Explorer 2080CR

Monsoon Storm 20

Montego Bay 8516 Cruise

PlayCraft Clipper Series

Sea Ray 220 Sundeck

Silver Wave 200 Family Cruise

South Bay 420CR

SunChaser DS Series

Sweetwater 2086

Veranda Relax Series

Xcursion X21C


Finest High End Model

Avalon Ambassador

Bennington 2575 QCW

Berkshire 250 Sport

Crest Caribbean

Cypress Cay Cayman

G3SunCatcher Elite 326 Deluxe SS

Hampton 2685 RFL

Harris FloteBote Crown

Hurricane SunDeck 2700

Kennedy Pontoon 1700 Sundeck

Landau Signature 2500

Lowe Platinum 25 Cruise

Manitou 25 SES SHP

Misty Harbor Skye 2685SU

Monsoon Limited Edition Storm Series 24

Montego Bay 8522 Cruise Deluxe

PlayCraft Custom Xtreme 2700

Premier Grand View

Qwest LS Cruise

Sanpan 2500 FE Bar

Sea Ray 300 Sundeck

Silver Wave 250 Play

South Bay 925 Sport Trifecta

Starcraft Majestic

Veranda V25 RFL

Xcursion X25E

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