PDB in Indiana: Day One

September 2013 Industry
Working at PDB has a lot of perks. One of those perks is going to dealer meetings where the manufacturers introduce their new models for the next calendar year.
When my publisher asked me to come up with a plan for attending the Harris Flotebote, Cypress Cay and Forest River dealer meetings, I was so excited. Unfortunately he called me into his office to see the plan a couple of days later.
Yes, he wanted to see it in writing. Like a real plan.
What the what?
As I was walking out of my office, I picked up a Sharpie and wrote, "Go to Indiana to see new boats" on a white piece of paper.
Greg: I wanted to see details and a schedule.

Katie: Really? That seems kinda like a buzz kill. I'm really going because I love the pontoon lifestyle, you know.
Greg: Ummm. Let's try this again. This time with fly prices and hotel options.
Sigh. Sometimes having a big kid job isn't all its cracked up to be. But since I love working at PDB, I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep it. It's that much fun peeps.
See when it comes to organizing the small details, the bar is set pretty high. Because Brady Kay is our editor. And he is the most organized person you will ever meet.
No joke.
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share this industry secret, but hey, I'm cool like that. When Brady travels, he writes out his entire schedule on a manila envelope. Inside the envelope are printed out copies of his emails that contain contact information and all the information that he's compiled.
Once again, not a joke.
One time, I found Brady a fun story in Minnesota that I thought he should look to. I brought it up with him the week before he left.
And I got "the look."
I know "the look" because I gave the same one to my husband when he tried to stop at McDonalds when I was in active labor with our second child.
(My husband tried to be like, "The food at the hospital is bad and this might take a while." And I was like, "I'm about to pass the equivalent of a nine pound kidney stone. But you have my deepest condolences on dealing with stale pudding.")
"The look" pretty much means you're an idiot but the other person is much too nice to tell you.
When I travel it pretty much goes down like this.
The Friday before I leave, I give Terri , my sweet work mom, a call.
Katie: Hey Terri, I'm assuming public transportation in Fort Wayne, Indiana might be lacking but I don't have a rental car.
Terri: I took care of it.
Katie: Sweet! You know, I forgot to reserve a staff camera. Do you think that's going to be a problem?
Terri: I'll make some calls .
Katie: Awesomesauce.  I'm thinking for a seven a.m. flight, I can get to the airport at 6:45ish?
Terri: My husband and I will pick you up. Be ready at 5:30.
So you can see that Brady and I have different styles. This is why the Sunday before we leave, Brady is at home with his dear family and I'm at the office contemplating how I'm going to shovel off my desk.
Side note: I probably should make sure I keep my job at PDB because it might be hard for me to find a new one now that I see what kind of employee I am in writing like this.
Now that you've spent a good ten minutes reading this, you probably wonder what the point is.
I'm leaving for Indiana and I want you all to come with me.  Terri and I are will be at Harris Flotebote, Forest River and Cypress Cay dealer meetings and I promise to give you all the details. Right here at www.pdbmagazine.com. I will be laying it all out so make sure you check back. 
P.S. Forgive me for looking like a giant in these photos. Terri's 5'1" and 100 pounds. Plus I'm still working on losing baby weight.
My youngest is only 4. I don't want to get carried and push myself too hard you know. 
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