PDB Tested: Shore Land Outdoors

November 2013 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

Shore Land Outdoors- Snap Shot Ruler

I couldn't wait to try out the "first ever vertical fish measuring tool" when I stumbled upon the Shore Land Outdoors website last fall. Just catch, clip and click is what was advertised on this site and since I'm a big fan of photo documenting what I catch, the Snap Shot Ruler had my attention. Besides, for $12.99 I figured it was worth a try.

However, I wish I would have had my BogaGrip tool with me for this test. It's the original fish landing, handling and weighing tool that really I only use for saltwater fishing when my catches have teeth. If I would have had this tool with me, the rating of the Snap Shot Ruler would have been a lot higher. With this tool you could truly get a better measurement, but without it, I had a hard time with the setup. It's my fault since the photos on the packaging all include a gripper so I should have known better. I thought I could make it work with just my fishing line, but it didn't work for me.   

It's still a neat little product that hardly takes up any space in your tackle box. And for photos-especially catch and release pics-it really would be handy to have to show just exactly what you did get to the boat.  



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