Starcraft Limited 256 Starlounger

Published in the November 2013 Issue November 2013 Boat Test Monday Brady L. Kay

What You Need To Know

Starcraft, who also builds a fiberglass line of deck boats, takes full advantage of its resources by incorporating a fiberglass rear-lounger section in the stern that we really like. But once we took a closer look, we realized this boat was loaded with plenty of other great and unique features as well.


The Highlights

Starting with the exterior, we love the two-tone panels and the overall look of this boat. Plus, by incorporating the docking lights into the corner castings, it really cleans up the look of the front deck.

Inside, the newly-designed furniture for the Limited series uses different textures and accent colors to create an inviting look and feel. Plus good news, the contoured and stylish-looking seats are as comfortable as they look.

At the helm, the beautiful automotive-style console is the perfect match to this high-end model. For the captain there is a 12-volt outlet as well as MP3 jack and then down by the throttle is the Jensen stereo that stays protected from the elements because of its location.

Below the console, we found a great breaker panel inside the fiberglass helm stand and the clean look and the extra-mile effort that went into making sure the wiring is protected is very impressive. The black acrylic door on the helm stand doesn't seem to match anything else on the boat, but we still like the look of it. 

Really the helm chair should be the most comfortable seat onboard and in this case it truly is. But the nice part is there is an identical helm chair for the first mate that is equally as comfortable.

In the stern is the fiberglass units that are sculpted perfectly to create two very comfortable rear loungers; even the arm rests are in the right spot for ultimate comfort. Two of the four Infinity speakers are angled just right in this rear section as well as two of the LED-lit cupholders that can be found throughout the boat. Not only are these rear-lounges comfortable, but they also provide great storage room below each one as well. One added touch we like is the stainless steel accent pieces next to the rear gate. They were most likely added for safety, but we feel they add to the overall high-end look.

Outside the rear gate is a solid non-skid floor, along with a tall ski/tow bar as well as a boarding ladder. Plus in the rear corner castings, blue LED lights have been added. We only wish our test could have extended into the evening so we could have seen this boat all lit up after dark.


Inspection Notes

A third pontoon is one of the few options on this boat, but it's a good one that not only improves the performance but also increases the stability. This Starcraft earned high marks for its fit and finish work, overall construction as well as for its family-friendly safe design.


Performance Evaluation

Built as a high-end luxury cruising pontoon, this boat reaches speeds well over 30 miles per hour with the Yamaha 150 outboard. She accelerates well and is very responsive, especially for a pontoon that is nearly 27 feet long. With power to spare, this is a great cruising model that we enjoyed driving.


Final Thoughts

All pontoons have a spacious layout, but there is just something extra inviting about this Starlounger. The interior is beautiful with a very attractive look and style and we especially love the fiberglass sections for the rear loungers in the stern.

Number of Occupants             14                   

Price As Tested With Power     $46.7K

Maximum Speed                      33.9 mph                     

Wild Ponies                              150hp 

No. of Gates                            3

0-20 MPH                               5.4 seconds     

Ladder Measurement               3' deep


Why we love this boat.It's the added fiberglass touches like the beautiful helm console and the rear-lounger sections that will get the most attention and on a high-end model like this, it's to be expected.


Just being picky.We'd like to see a locking glovebox on this high-end model, but other than that we have no complaints. We really like the look and function of the helm console otherwise.



Full fiberglass console, Soft touch 42ml vinyl, 28-oz. sculptured carpet, Premium bimini top, High back helm chair with arm rests, 2 rear-facing loungers



Ski/Tow, Lifting Strakes, Third Pontoon



LOA                  26' 10"           

Beam                 8' 6"

Hull Design         Three Pontoons

Dry Weight         2575 lbs.

Fuel Capacity     30 gallons



Engine                                                              Yamaha F150LA        

Cylinder Type                                                   In-line 4

Cubic-inch Displacement/Horsepower               162.8ci/150hp

Lower Unit Gear Ratio                                      2.00:1

Propeller                                                          SS 15 X 15 1/4


RPM     vs.      SPEED     vs.    DB-A

750                  2.6                     75.5

1000                4.3                     76

1500                5.5                     78.5

2000                7.3                     79

2500                10.1                   82

3000                13.6                   83.5

3500                18.9                   87

4000                21.1                   88.5

4500                24.5                   91

5000                28.4                   92

5500                32.1                   95

5800                33.9                   98

New Paris, Ind.


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