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Published online: May 16, 2014 Industry
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We've always been big fans of the Pontoon Water Glide. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to increase the performance of your two-tube pontoon. The Glide is a patented pontoon boat hydrofoil that lifts your pontoon so it will get on plane faster.  It will increase pontoon speed, fuel efficiency and overall handling. Best of all, you can safely install it yourself while the pontoon is on a trailer. The Glide takes about 3 hours to install and does not require any welding or difficult installation methods.

We recently chatted with owner Dave Schaefer and here’s what he had to say about the Pontoon Water Glide.

How did you get involved in Pontoon Water Glide?

Back in 2009 I bought 21' Premier a Pontoon boat with a 115hp Suzuki motor for fishing, I loved it and so did the family. I soon realized that if I could just get a little more speed from it we could use it as our only boat for all our water activities. Also after towing my son on a wake board and realizing how long it took to turn the boat around to pick him up, I really wanted to increase the maneuverability of the boat. The engineer in me started designing methods to increase the performance of the boat. When I finally came up with a workable concept I decided to look to see if I could find anything on the market that was similar, That's when I came across the Pontoon Water Glide. I bought a Glide to install on my boat. 

How did it work for you?

My brother in law Kirk and I took the boat out on Saturday before installation and recorded a before video along with a GPS top speed of 23 mph.  Sunday we installed the Performance Sheeting and the Glide then Sunday went back out for a test run. We were amazed! the top speed was 32 mph and the ride and maneuverability was incredible! We could cut back around on our wake and thru the prop wash, we were very impressed. The before and after video's we took are still on our website for everyone to see. After the great experience we had with the Glide I decided that I would like to buy the company and here we are today.

What new these days?

Now the Glide is produced in Springfield Mo., and shipped directly to our customers.  We have now developed a computer program that based on the measurements provided by our customers, we can determine the center of balance of any boat. With this information we can pinpoint the exact location to install the Pontoon Water Glide, making installation much easier for our customers.

Check out www.pontoonwaterglide.com for videos, articles, FAQ, reviews and installation information. Please call 888.311.8313 if you have any questions on how the Pontoon Water Glide will install on your boat.  

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