Reflective Tracers

Let your line be visible

Published online: Jun 24, 2014 Industry

Finding dock lines in a boat, on the dock or tied to a cleat needn't be a guessing game during late night or early morning hours. Highly visible—even on a moonless night—the reflective marine dock lines from Shakespeare deliver security and peace of mind.

Special Visiflect reflective tracers woven directly into the jacket make these eye-catching lines detectable at a distance of up to 200 feet. Double-braided nylon rope construction offers excellent strength and shock absorption. Resisting abrasion, rot, mildew and oil as well as UV rays, lines can be stored wet or dry. A 12-inch pre-spliced eye facilitates docking. The reflective dock lines are offered in black, red or white, are available in three different sizes and retail between $13 and $65. (803-227-1590/