Evinrude: Upholding Quality

September 2017 Multimedia

Dependable engines come from companies who know how to design ones that genuinely fit the desires and needs of all boaters. That’s where Evinrude stands; the company has been doing that for over a century by creating, crafting, rethinking, and reimagining the outboard motor. No matter where advancements may lead next, Evinrude is more than ready to go even further.

Today the company is stronger than ever and what’s in the works will change the way we enjoy our time on the water. Evinrude has been widely recognized for its industry leadership and the technology it has implemented into its engines. Ever since the day long ago when Ole Evinrude rowed to pick up some ice cream for his love, Ole’s company has always broken new ground every few years, one of its biggest innovations being the unique E-TEC engine technology.

In recognition for its achievements, Evinrude has received such awards as the NMMA Innovation Award for the E-TEC technology, the J.D. Power and Associates Award for “Highest Customer Satisfaction among two-stroke Engines,” and the US EPA Clean Air Excellence Award again for the E-TEC technology. Its parent company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), may be Canadian-based, but Evinrude has deep American roots. Its global headquarters and manufacturing plant have always been in Wisconsin. Other engine parts used on Evinrude engines are also tested in the US.

Two-Stroke Dominance

With all of this in mind, we couldn’t help but want to know more about why Evinrude manufactures such wonderful products, especially as they’re the only company to still solely produce two-stroke outboards in today’s large world of four-strokes. To get a vivid idea of how Evinrude makes their approaches work, we interviewed a panel of two executives from BRP: Olivier Pierini, director of global marketing and strategic planning; and Jason Eckman, Evinrude global product manager.

Pierini is very proud of Evinrude’s success. “Every quarter, our momentum builds,” he explained. “The new dealers and OEMs we have recently joined forces with are companies who see the benefits our engines provide to their customers and are investing in their future with the most powerful, fuel efficient and cleanest outboard engines in the world. We are confident this growth trend will continue throughout the coming year.” This is a bold example of Evinrude’s industry leadership, as the company has taught and continues to teach dealers a lot about selling such high-performing and reliable outboards. We all can understand that performance and reliability are two of the largest things customers look out for, and that’s largely thanks to the E-TEC technology. “Evinrude E-TEC engines combine thrilling performance with the most intelligent design and best factory warranty available,” Pierini added. “Our E-TEC G2 is a completely new design in outboard engine technology. E-TEC owners feel the immediate response of the engine when they push the throttle and see the difference in the distance they can go on a tank of gas. E-TEC engines simply work—there is no cautionary break-in period like other engines and they are backed by Evinrude’s industry-leading warranty and service plan.”

Indeed, the E-TEC G2 performs like nothing else. When boaters use this engine, they’ll feel amazing get-up.

“Starting at 150 horsepower, boaters will experience the thrilling performance that comes from 30 percent more torque,” added Eckman. The E-TEC G2 is also available with integrated Dynamic Power Steering and i-Trim (intelligent trim system), delivering excellent handling and making it easy for anyone to maneuver a boat at any speed under all sea conditions. The steering system is also integrated into the midsection of the engine, allowing for a cleaner transom and more space in the stern.


For 2017, Evinrude has plenty of new innovations to offer. The company really built on the success of its High-Output (HO) 200-300hp E-TEC G2 motors (implemented in 2014) with their four new mid-range G2 models that range in horsepower from 150 to 200, introduced in mid-2016. That’s the most popular horsepower range on outboards; thus, these outboards are really taking off!

“Now more boaters, including pontoon owners looking for high-end performance, can experience the thrill of the E-TEC G2,” said Pierini.

On top of that, boaters have a plethora of color schemes to choose from. E-TEC G2 engines are the first and only completely customizable outboards and offer an almost limitless combination with color panels and accents. New this year are Mossy Oak and Ice Blue patterns. Evinrude is now even offering an exclusive, 10-year, factory-backed warranty for all E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines bought before the end of March. That’s a first in the industry!

Pontoon Outboards

Evinrude even has a line of outboards designed specifically for pontoon boats, ranging in horsepower from 65 to 150. As part of the E-TEC line, these engines make pontoons perform like no other. Compared to other similar-sized engines, these engines bring increased thrust, lower vibration for a smooth ride, and easier pontoon maintenance. Pontoons are also able to get wakeboarders and waterskiers out of the water with astonishing low-end torque. The quiet and fuel-efficient nature of these engines makes them great for watersports and cruising alike.

“Built with optimized gear ratios and unique software mapping, our Pontoon Series provides quicker acceleration, improved throttle response and more stopping power than other engines on the market,” stated Pierini. “Like all Evinrude E-TEC engines, the Pontoon Series features no-break in period, auto-winterization, and three years, or 300 hours no dealer-scheduled maintenance.”

Looking Ahead

For 2017, Evinrude is very confident about its outlook in carrying on company traditions started by their founder back in 1909.

“The 2017 year will be a banner year for the Evinrude brand, as we have embarked on a journey to redefine its purpose and reinvigorate the brand that invented the outboard engine,” explained Pierini. “We are very optimistic with regard to the potential for growth that lies in front of us and this will be the year that we put effective marketing efforts in place so more people know why we are the best outboard engine brand in the world. This pioneering spirit has never left our company and that's one of the reasons why we can say with pride that our products are simply the best. Period.”

Everyone at Evinrude is well aware of the evolving marine industry in both the pontoon and deck boat segments, both technologically and aesthetically. That’s all because of the changing expectations of boat owners who crave to get more out of their vessels.

“Boat owners would never accept to buy a new car without power windows, power steering or power brakes,” said Eckman. “The same thing is happening in the boat industry. Once you have driven a boat with integrated Dynamic Power Steering, digital shift and throttle and the intelligent trim system, you don’t want to go back.”

That very statement is what motivates Evinrude as a company and drives them toward success.

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