From The Forums: A Dashing Option

November 2017 Feature

Recently one forum member queried about different depth finder options for their dash:

jglowe74: We recently purchased a new pontoon and did not want to pay for their depth finder when there are better, cheaper aftermarket options that include a GPS. I'm considering the Garmin Striker 4 but am very apprehensive about attaching it to my brand-new dash.

Our main use of the depth finders in the past was for water temperature and depth readings (not so much for fishing). GPS is a new bonus! I've read on this forum about a RAM Universal Electronics mount and am curious if anyone has experience with it? I want to be able to put on my boat cover after each use and don't want the location of the GPS unit to be in the way. 

Moser: I have had my RAM mount on a rail-mounted ball on my prior pontoon. There is a mount made specifically for the square one-inch railing. I kept a loop-knitted, door-mat-sized rug on the deck for wet dirty feet; I would shake it out (rinse it out if needed) and fold it in half, then lay it over the mount base when I put the cover on. It let the rug dry and protected the cover from the mount. If you mounted the ball to the interior you could leave the unit on, cover it with a dry folded towel to protect the cover and be fine. I have the same mount on my Sea Nymph now.

I particularly like the RAM mounts for their adjustability and the fact that they come off the rail quickly so you can stow the unit. I stowed mine before putting the cover on.

 Have you tried different dash-mounted options like this? Jump on and share your personal experience.



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