Forum Member Spotlight: Drive2Boat

December 2012 Forum Member Spotlight

Drive2Boat is a relatively new forum member but he has already had such a positive impact. We are grateful to have him as a forum family member and value his input so much!

1. What kind of boat do you currently own?


2012 Berkshire 230 CL LTD powered by a 90HP Mercury 4-Stroke


2. What is your favorite thing about it?


I especially like the ride and the interior spaciousness. I can actually stretch out in the seats.

3. What is your dream boat?


My ultimate dream boat would probably be a 35-40' Sea Ray Sedan Cruiser. But in reality, my dream boat would be any boat moored at my own dock in a climate friendly to year round boating!

4. Share a fun/exciting boating memory:


My wife and I went about 20 miles down the James River from where we put in to find a prime spot to watch a poker run. We anchored on the inside of a pretty tight turn in the river right on the edge of the channel so we could be close to the passing boats. Only the first 10 or 12 boats were what you could truly call speedboats, but we captured some good pictures of several of these. One of them, I was only fast enough to catch the rooster tail! We could have used a little more speed in our 19' pontoon on the way home as we got caught in a storm and got completely soaked. But it was a good day- nothing broke, no one got hurt and we had fun.


5. What is the must have boating accessory?


A changing room that's large enough to serve the intended purposes.

6. How long have you been boating?


I can vaguely remember going boating in a v-bottomed aluminum boat that we carried on top of the car when I was probably 6-7 years old. So, about 55 years.


7. Where do you typically boat?


All of my recent boating has been in the Appomattox and James Rivers near Richmond, Va.

8. What part of the country has the best boating?


My favorite place to boat is Buggs Island Lake near Clarksville, Va. About 90 miles away.

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