• The Low Down on the Marker One by Cobalt

    September 29, 2014
    There’s a new player in our game.
  • Qwest LS 820 RLS

    September 29, 2014
    Boat Test Monday
    With new styling for the new model year, we instantly loved the look of this 20-footer when we first saw it tied up at the dock. It’s well built and with Qwest you can always count on its boats being loaded with a ton of great amenities.
  • Miraculous Escape

    Web Exclusive September 25, 2014
    In the way of miracles, have we got a whopper for you. The Tri-City Herald reports the remarkable story of what happened to three ‘tooners at 5 a.m. last Sunday while on the Snake River.
  • Pontoon Party Planning!—Continued

    Web Exclusive September 25, 2014
    We're all in accord that the atmosphere on a pontoon is unbeatable, and we'll encourage you to get out there any way we can!
  • All about the Quadratoon

    Web Exclusive September 24, 2014
    So many of you have been asking about Quadratoon. We told you they were debuting at PDB Days and they did.
  • Pontoon Party Planning!

    Web Exclusive September 23, 2014
    If you want to give a fun and interesting twist to your party, try throwing it on a pontoon boat. There’s comparatively wide space onboard for guests to mingle and you can roam wherever you want on the water.
  • Hampton 2680 DRL

    September 22, 2014
    Boat Test Monday
    Hampton took its popular pontoon model that includes rear-facing stern lounges and created this unique deck boat for the new model year. With the proven fiberglass hull and the plush pontoon seating, you truly get the best of both worlds with this hybrid.
  • Black Hills Pontoon Makeover

    Web Exclusive September 18, 2014
    Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Pah. That’s what the Carlin family did. In an incredible act of resuscitation, Black Hills FOX reports that they’ve remade a decrepit, motor-less pontoon into a gymnast’s floating playground.
  • 5 Gift Ideas For Your Boat-Lover

    Web Exclusive September 16, 2014
    Does your sweetheart have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe a special surprise is in order for someone you love? Here are five boating gift ideas collected from West Marine to make the day special for the boater in your life!
  • Starcraft Coastal 2210 OB

    September 15, 2014
    Boat Test Monday
    Because it is the Coastal edition, this Starcraft is built and designed to thrive in those coastal regions like Texas and Florida. However, there are plenty of great features onboard to help make this deck boat a popular choice for those in several differ
  • Floatin' Foodies

    Web Exclusive September 11, 2014
    Here at PDB magazine, we know there are some pretty awesome things you can do with a pontoon boat. Catch some spray in a wake-drenched tube, drop a line over the rocky haunts of largemouth bass, lay back to soak in a pool of sun rays.
  • 80 Mil No Seam MariDeck Marine Vinyl Flooring

    Web Exclusive September 09, 2014
    If keeping your boat’s marine carpet clean is as hard as scrubbing the spots off a Dalmatian, MariDeck might be able to help you out. Consider their 80 mil No Seam marine vinyl flooring—it’s been time-tested to be a durable alternative to marine carpet.
  • Parti Kraft Monaco 240 CR

    September 08, 2014
    Boat Test Monday
    For nearly a year we kept hearing about plans for a new look Parti Kraft line, so forgive us if we seemed a little anxious to finally get a sneak peak.
  • Need A Propeller? Try the Wizard

    Web Exclusive September 04, 2014
    Choosing the right propeller doesn't have to end in frustration. The updated Turning Point Propellers online selection tool, Prop Wizard 4.0, removes guesswork with a massive database and precise calculations.
  • Quadratoon Countdown!

    Web Exclusive September 03, 2014
    Feature, News
    Like a lightning bolt or a parking ticket, inspiration can strike when you least expect it. This is something Michael O’Neal and Blaine Lawson discovered for themselves, as their revolutionary idea for changing the pontoon design hit during a quiet campfi
  • Minerva's Voyage

    Web Exclusive September 02, 2014
    All of us pontooners do things we love in our spare time. Some of us read, some play ball, some conduct bedload dynamics research on the river bottom.
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