Pressure Washing Boat Tips

October 2022 Feature

The beauty of having vinyl marine flooring instead of carpet is that cleaning and maintenance is a breeze! Although spraying down your boat and washing it should be a regular chore, sometimes we forget or don’t have time. If that’s you, then the end of boating season means it’s time to take care of the dirt and grime that have truly made themselves at home and require a bit more than scrubbing to remove. Luckily vinyl flooring from manufacturers such as AquaTread Marine Flooring can be pressure washed.

The 100 percent polyvinyl marine flooring is easy to power wash and can appear as good as the day you got it! Here are a few tips to remember when pressure washing and cleaning AquaTread Marine Flooring.

  1. Wear closed toe shoes that have traction. NO exposed toes  
  2. DO NOT use harsh chemicals like bleach, acetone, marine hull cleaner, or unsafe chemicals for marine environments. 
  3. Start with the lowest setting and work your way up. There is no need to go full blast if your dirt comes right off with the lowest setting.  
  4. Start by pressure washing with the nozzle 1-2 feet away. 
  5. See which nozzle tip is best for the area being sprayed. 
  6. Lastly, DO NOT underestimate the power of a pressure washer. 


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