Spring/Pre-Season Tips for How to Prep Your Dock

March 2023 Feature Marketing Team at ShoreMaster

Spring cleaning applies to boat docks and accessories as well. Choose a high-quality boat dock system, confirm the water levels in your area while anticipating seasonal changes, and ensure everything is clean and tidy before the summer starts.

If you haven’t already started preparing for a summer on the water, now is the second-best time. There’s a lot to get done before boating season, and it’s important to get ahead of all of the little things before they become one massive project just before summer begins. There isn’t even a guarantee that you’ll be able to get everything in time, either! These tips can help you get your summer started the right way.

Set Your Dock System Up for Success
If you invested in a high-quality dock system from the start and have been diligently caring for it this entire time, you might not have a lot of work to do. Good for you! You should still make a few preparations to make absolutely sure that your dock system is in good shape before you dust off the winter cobwebs and set it up for the summer.

If you’re looking into a new dock system, a seasonal boater like you would benefit from something that’s easy to install and remove with seasonal changes. Think lightweight but durable materials like polyethylene or aluminum that can withstand seasonal rigors and the installation and removal process. Dock systems that come in one piece, or at least don’t have a ton of parts to keep track of, will also come in handy. Wheel systems, lifting arms, and other accessories can help make the installation process easier.

Confirm the Water Levels Near You
With spring comes melting snow and ice, more wind, and more rain showers, depending on the area you’re in. This can mean fluctuating water levels even if your area is otherwise quite consistent. If the water level in your area tends to fluctuate no matter what season it is, a floating dock system that adjusts to your water level might be the best all-around choice for you. If the levels are a little more stable except for the initial thaw, a system with adjustable legs can accommodate you just fine. In general, the waves shouldn’t touch your dock frame once it’s in the water.

Start Your Spring Cleaning
Unfortunately, docks don’t clean themselves despite always sitting in water. Clean and well-maintained docks and accessories will look and perform better for longer. Choosing a high-quality dock system made from materials that don’t experience rot or similar kinds of wear will keep a dock looking good for its entire life. Still, all docks (and accessories like canopy covers) must be cleaned eventually. Many materials can be cleaned with an eco-friendly soap and some water or a power washer if the dirt is especially tough. For debris and other materials, simply keep a broom by the dock to brush them off of your decking and the top of your canopy.

Putting some effort into your spring preparations will help ensure that your summer is a blast. Don’t get left on dry land while other people are having fun! Click here for dock options. 

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